- ICCC 2023 -


Currently, the country is facing various social issues due to various new challenges faced including economic, political and social problems, as well as issues related to the post-Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the roles of correctional officers and psychological officers need to be seen in a different perspective with the increased workload based on climate change and the current atmosphere.

This group largely involves practitioners in the field of counselling, psychology and corrections who are in various institutions such as schools, educational institutions, correctional centers, drug rehabilitation centers, CCRCs and others. This target group has played an important role in shaping people to become more prosperous in addition to seeing various personal changes from various aspects of humanity and personal functionality.

Apart from academic activities, there are various other efforts made by certain parties to improve the quality of counseling and correctional services. Among them by planning and implementing rehabilitation programs and treatment activities for offenders to rebuild their physical, mental, attitude, morals, and spirituality based on pure values. Next, form a rehabilitation approach that is appropriate to the needs of the offender so that a positive change in attitude results among them. In addition, the quality of correctional services has also been improved so that the services provided better meet the needs of the community.

The organization of the seminar this time is more focused on two main areas that play a role in shaping human behavior and improving the individual’s own functionality. As a result of the organization of the Correctional & Criminal Justice Seminar (CCCJ) and the Counseling Case Study Seminar (SKKK) in 2017, the Seminar Committee of the Study Center sees a current need to expand the organization of the seminar to an international level which will combine two interrelated fields among each other, that is, counseling and correctional.

Therefore, the International Counseling and Correctional Seminar (ICCS 2023) is seen to be in line with current needs where the combination of these two fields can be further expanded with new findings through various research topics related to well-being, individual functioning and psychosocial interventions. At SAPSP we believe that all activities and experiences in dealing with clients, whether in the form of growth or recovery, need to be gathered and discussed in a platform that brings together all the professionals concerned including academics and implementers.

As one of the measures to improve the quality of correctional services and transform the quality of services towards a more positive direction, UUM-CAS intends to organize this conference and will form a conference committee that will be placed under the responsibility of the School of Applied Psychology, Policy and Social Work, UUM CAS

This conference was held to achieve several objectives as follows:

a) exploring counseling and correctional issues in the post period pandemic,

b) discussing the latest initiatives and innovative and creative thinking in improving the correctional and rehabilitation system,

c) encourage innovative research and sharing of practices practiced in the correctional and counseling system through seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities,

d) strengthen cooperation between academics and practitioners of the aid and social service professions, especially in the field of corrections and rehabilitation.

e) Establish collaborative relationships with external agencies such as Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF), Council Kedah Counseling Teacher (MGKK) and at the International level – UIN Ar-Raniry Aceh

The main focus of the conference is to discuss the latest developments in the correctional and counseling field. Topics include (but are not limited to) the following;


  1. Recidivism
  2. Anti-Narcotics
  3. Forensic Science
  4. Crime Prevention
  5. Health & Wellness (K9)
  6. Delinquency in Society
  7. Corrections Technology
  8. Correctional Leadership
  9. Resilience & Sustainability
  10. Correctional Management
  11. Intervention in Correctional
  12. Criminal Behavior Modi­cation
  13. Contemporary Issues in Correctional
  14. Correctional Community-based Program

Counselling & Psychology

  1. Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  2. Couples, Marriage & Family Relationships
  3. Counselling Techniques & Psychotherapy
  4. Creative & Complementary Intervention
  5. Multicultural/Diversity & Social Justice
  6. Technology & Related Issues
  7. Substance Use & Addictions
  8. Rehabilitation & Disability
  9. Disaster, Trauma & Crisis
  10. Children & Adolescent
  11. Religion & Spirituality
  12. Ethics & Legal Issues
  13. Wellness & Self-Care
  14. School Counselling
  15. Career Counselling
  16. Professional Issues
  17. Supervision
  18. Group Work